The Dogs I Meet – Macy

A dog named Macy.

With the holidays and the end of the year, I forgot about Macy. Here she is.

Driving back from my work site earlier this month coming into Floydada, a pickup truck passed me going way faster than my 76 mph. With his passing, the truck threw a rock into my windshield. Ugh. Naturally, I became super mad. The madness did not stop until I got to Lubbock.

Immediately, I went to Glass Magic to get the chip repaired. Super adorable, Macy, was there to greet me. My madness quelled as she calmed me with her wagging tail. Of course, she sniffed at my car like crazy because there were all kinds of wild scents she’d never smelled before. As the technician took my car, Macy followed me into the main office.

As surreal as this may seem, she stayed by my side until my nerves stopped racing and my madness canceled out. Then Macy strode off like “my work is done.” Macy was an angel in disguise.

This is a late shoutout Thank You to Macy, as well as Glass Magic. Thank you for getting my car in as quickly as you did to repair the rock chip. Thank you for having Macy. She definitely became a four-footed angel for me that day.

Mwah, Macy!