Wildlife Celebration of 2021

A wildlife celebration of the best wildlife captures on remote cameras at 3 Rivers Foundation in 2021. The year brought the discovery of beavers, confirmed a yellow-billed cuckoo, the birth of raccoon kits, and one bobcat kitten. Always fascinating to see the surprises of white-tailed deer interacting with birds.

Now for the arrival of 2022 and what it will bring.


Northern Cardinal in January 2021 at the Beaver Pond.
The first image of a North American Beaver in April 2021.
A coyote braving the elements during Winter Storm Uri in February 2021.
A kit raccoon in October 2021.
White-tailed deer and a turkey vulture April 2021.
A great blue heron in May 2021.
A great horned owl in October 2021.
A javelina in January 2021.
Wildlife Conservation Captures at 3RF.
A great blue heron and two white-tailed deer in April 2021.