Gift of Tables and Owl Boxes

Wooden table installed at the 3RF Beaver Pond
One of the built and installed tables at the 3RF Beaver Pond

It’s almost been a week and tears are still welling in my eyes., even as I write this. 

The gift of tables should not make you cry. These did. 

The gift of these tables should not be worth more than gold. They are to me.

Beyond words, my heart can find I am deeply grateful for these tables and to the gentlemen who built them. Thank you, Norm and Larry. You made a dream come true. When I traveled to Wisconsin in 2018, I purposely visited the Aldo Leopold Center in Madison and came away with a ton of ideas – two of which were tables at the 3RF Beaver Pond. 

Norm and Larry Texas Master Naturalists posing with the table they built.
Norm and Larry

The tables will enhance environmental educational programming,  STEM projects, along with helping with water testing. And maybe even some history lessons too.   

With the prescribed burn from last year, the owls have returned to this section. To help them nest and thrive Larry and Norm also built two owl boxes. They even have a clean-out door! 

Installing of an owl nesting box by Norm and Larry
Instaling one of the owl boxes
Owl Nesting box installed in a hackberry tree.
One of the owl boxes

Alas, it is not only these men who are to be thanked. I am beyond words grateful to the Rolling Plains Master Naturalist Chapter approving to purchase these materials for these projects. 

Thank you, thank you, for my tears of joy and appreciation, Norm and Larry!


The day after the tables were installed, Lynn utilized one of the tables for water testing at the 3RF Beaver Pond.