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Mischief in the Mushroom Patch
A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch
Spider Web Scramble
Stranger in the Mushroom Patch
Chapter Book / Fantasy / Action & Adventure / 2ND-4TH Grade
Publisher: Progressive Rising Phoenix Press
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Spider Web Scramble, 2/2016, 170 pgs
Every third year, on the fifth full moon, the Mushroom Patch holds a magical Spider Web Scramble. Excitement buzzes through the forest as the fairies prepare to scramble the magical webs in order to complete the course. As a special treat, the elders disclose that the stars will be coming down to join in and play. A wish will be granted for the fairies who are pure of heart and manage to beat the clock, locating the star that has their name etched on it. With the no-fly rule in place, teamwork is the only way Pearle can complete the course. But little do they know that possible danger is in their midst. Will the magical spider web scramble be postponed? Will the stars grant Lilly, Boris, and Jack their wishes? Find out in this delightful magical adventure.
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“You have worked as a team to encourage and assist one of your own. True teamwork.”

First, I cannot rave enough about this book! Love the topic and I adore how this story is presented.
Spider Web Scramble is a seamless story about a group of friends, who happen to be fairies working together to help each succeed at the tasks at hand. Those tasks are spider web scrambling and then flying off to play with their stars.
From fairies to enchanted forests to talking spiders to magic with the most important aspect of teamwork. This little book covers it all. The core of this book is all centered on the disability of one of the team members.
Spider Web Scramble is the perfect mix of all six of these elements by author Amanda M. Thrasher. This is book three of the series of Mischief Books.
Giving multiple high fives and praise accolades to Thrasher. This story is woven around the disability of one of the fairies, Pearle. Disabilities are hard to write about it. The older public often has a hard time knowing how to act or deal with individuals with disabilities. Children are often more accepting of others’ disabilities and go the extra mile to help when they can. I recently witnessed this during a STARR Bootcamp here in Texas where a disabled student needed help navigating areas without ramps. The fellow students assisted with understanding and compassion and then they were all off and running like the student had no walker. This is the brilliance of Spider Web Scramble – that accepting and not treating someone differently because of their disability is what we all should do. This book is perfect for delivering this message.
All of us deserve a chance and opportunity to reach for the stars. The story that Thrasher weaves around Pearle and her Chariot is deeply heartwarming. The story of these fairies working together for them all to achieve the end goal of reaching for your own star is fantabulous!
Kids love nature. They need to be able to explore as much as they can even if they are in a wheelchair/chariot. As for the stars – we all need to reach for the stars no matter if we are bound to a wheelchair or capable of walking. Spider Web Scramble is the ideal book to help kids and preteens reach for their own stars and understand the concept of teamwork.
Note: Maybe all wheelchairs should be changed to chariots!

Amanda M. Thrasher was born in England, moved to Texas, and resides there still. She’s an award-winning author of Young Adult, General Fiction, Middle Grade, Early Reader Chapter, and Picture Books. Amanda is a multiple Gold Recipient of The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA), earning the award in multiple categories, including Young Adult, General Fiction, and Early Reader Chapter Books. She is also a multiple Gold Medal winner of the Readers’ Favorite International Book awards, a New Apple Literary Award, and has earned a first-place North Texas Book Festival award.

Amanda founded and is the CEO of Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, an independent publishing company. She shares her writing and publishing experience with others through school visits, book signings, trade conferences, and workshops for aspiring writers of all ages.

In addition, Amanda was contracted to write a graphic novel for the Driving on the Right Side of the Road Program. The publication is part of the Driving on the Right Side of the Road (DRSR) program, developed by the Law-Related Education Department of the State Bar of Texas Law Focused Education, Inc., and the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center with funding from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Texas Department of Transportation. The program’s purpose is to offer a preventive educational program to encourage responsible decision-making when it comes to obeying traffic laws and following safe practices. The graphic novel titled What If … A Story of Shattered Lives was adapted into a reader’s theater for as few as five speakers or as many as twenty-six.
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