Hidden Respect

Can you see it?

Can. you see the head of the bullsnake? This babe had just slithered off into this underbrush with its meal of either a rat or a baby cottontail in its mouth.

I tried getting a good photo of it. But with a new phone in hand, the picture came out blurry especially when the bullsnake darted up quickly as if to say “Oh, don’t you dare take my dinner!”

This bullsnake has been a resident around the Muleshoe National Wildlife Headquarters for years. It is well over 8 feet long. 

That’s the purpose of the refuge and refuges across the US – protecting wildlife great and small, furry and not furry. Because in the larger picture, everything is important to have balanced healthy biodiversity.

Bullsnakes are gorgeous in their own unique way. They would blend in perfectly at an adobe dwelling in New Mexico. Yes, they can get aggressive, but in all my encounters they have been docile and more fearful of me than I am of them. The bestest thing bullsnakes do is their rodent control. This is one snake to not fear but highly respect for its position in our world.

Happy Wildlife Wednesday!