Who Was She?

Black and white image of a stone wall with a skinny, tall window.

My friend June and I were told by the tour guide this was the women’s holding cell on the second floor of the Brown County Jailhouse in Texas.

I took two steps into the room and knew. Knew that death had occurred in this room.

There is an unknown unseen presence of someone who died in this room. Immediately, stepping into this space I became nauseated and light headed. My skin felt like I had tiny ants crawling on me, along with the immediate chill.

Looking towards this window I sensed her presence. She noticed me. She was looking at me. Her frailness was evident.

Her unknown soul was locked into this place forever tied to looking out this long skinny window.

I tilted my head towards her in acknowledgment and turned to leave.

I wish I had the capability to help the departed who are locked into the reality that collides with their spirts.