Blind Acceptance – My Review




Blind Acceptance – My Review

“One of life’s greatest lessons for women – in cases like this, nagging works.”

I was contacted by a public relations firm to see if I’d be interested in reviewing Blind Acceptance. When I accepted the author personally mailed me a hardcover copy.

Blind Acceptance by Sandra Pimentel is a revealing memoir and biography book on her life here in the U.S. I normally don’t like memoir’s because they are often not well written or offer too much into the author’s life. I was pleasantly surprised that Sandra’s book is very well written. Her stories are little short stories about time periods of her life that moved her forward to becoming the woman she became later in life.

First, most of the chapters are really short. As a reader, I love short chapters because to me it makes the story move along faster. Photographs are interspersed throughout the book and not crammed into the middle. I’ve always had problems with the latter in many good books. While most readers would not think about learning anything from Sandra’s story because it is a biography – guess again.

Initially, you read the back stories on Pimentel’s family early on, then the story envelopes into her life as a wife and mother, and eventually as a friend. But then it’s so much more than just about her – it became a book about revealing bits of history she lived through with either her brother who survived the Vietnam War or even her husband’s horrific encounter in the Vietnam War. It reveals to readers what life was like for many blacks in an age where discrimination was still highly prevalent even in the Northern states.

Throughout each chapter, you can see how Sandra becomes and evolves more and more into a strong woman.  Blind Acceptance is more than a memoir it is a revealing look how one woman became stronger with each life-changing event in her life. Yes – the f-word can be very empowering.


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Publisher – AuthorHouse, 2016

Hardcover – 324 pages