A Story that Touches Your Senses – My Book Review



Carpe Diem Chronicles, #2



Contemporary Romance / Multicultural 
Publisher: EOT Publications
Date of Publication: October 21, 2019
Number of Pages: 267

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One alluring French-Filipina beauty. One sexy US Air Force officer. One torrid weekend affair. Maddie Duvall should be living it up at her challenging new job in glamorous Singapore. But two months after her wild weekend with Aidan Ryan, she’s still yearning for him. She craves the passion only he can ignite in her.

Aidan’s job takes him around the world, yet he can’t get Maddie out of his mind. When he returns to his assignment in Singapore, he seeks her out with a proposition she can’t turn down.

Intensely enamored with one another, their relationship takes off. But when Aidan’s mission exposes treachery by someone close to Maddie, lines blur and wires get crossed. Can their growing love survive the intrigue?

Singapore Fling is Book 2 of Carpe Diem Chronicles, a series of multicultural contemporary romance novels. The stories celebrate the rich cultures of exotic Southeast Asian islands through languages, food, and festivals.


“This second full-length volume in her Carpe Diem Chronicles is sexy, quick to read, and full of well-rounded, interesting characters. Family ties and female friendship add to the depth of the world and make you want more books.” ~ Catherine Stein, Award-winning Author of How to Seduce a Spy

“This book was great. Everything from the well-rounded characters to the interesting foods and exciting locale drew me in as a reader. I could clearly picture, hear, and smell/taste the story. The plot was perfect and the romance had just the right amount of intrigue and crisis. ~ Danielle Bellwood, Author of Daring (The Candomble Book 1)

“This book is a great deal of fun and the hero and heroine are both likable and realistic people. As usual, Malby’s writing shines best when writing about Singapore, particularly the culture and the FOOD!! ~ Gena Gilliam, Amazon Reviewer

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A Story that Touches Your Senses – My Book Review

“You’re the only one who has the power to break my heart and put it back together again, as you just did.”

Talk about a book that can literally touch nearly all of your five senses from the foods mentioned to the sights and sounds of a life in Singapore to lovemaking – Singapore Fling is that immersive book.

Maida Malby has a way of writing that makes you savor every moment from the food, to the dragon races, to the love-making. While this is a short book, it is packed with the right amount of details in expressive conciseness. Nothing was overdone or underdone with Singapore Fling.

While this is Book 2 of the Carpe Diem Chronicles, I did not feel like I missed any part of the story being continued from Book 1 with the main characters of Aidan and Maddie. They are drawn to each due to a short affair from Book 1. Their characters become more defined along with their relationship. Along the way, Maddie finds out more about her dad that causes her to lose faith in Aidan.

What I really loved about this little wildfire of a story is that the sex scenes are a flawless sensual mix. They were not over the top in the graphic details.

“I will have the Hainanese chicken rice and cold bottled water. May I have a glass, a wedge of lemon, and a sprig of mint? No ice, please. Thanks.”

With all the food mentioned in this book, it left me hungry to try many of the foods mentioned like Hainanese chicken. Most definitely this book is one that should be savored with every word with wine – either white, rose, or red.

At the beginning of each chapter, you are introduced to an unknown word that refers to the chapter. Thank you, Maida, for introducing me to Singlish. I did not know this existed as the English-based creole spoken in Singapore. Plus, I did not know English is one of Singapore’s official languages. The coolest thing by reading this book –  I have another new term to call some conceited men, “Alphahole!”

If you love romance that has a little steam with bits of intrigue then check out Singapore Fling.  It will literally touch your senses.


Maida Malby writes, reads, reviews, and lives Romance. Through her multicultural contemporary romance stories, she takes readers on trips to her favorite places in the world and shares her experiences of their rich cultural heritage.She is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), San Antonio Romance Authors (SARA), Cultural, Interracial, Multicultural Special Interest Chapter of the Romance Writers of America (CIMRWA), and several romance book clubs. Her To-Be-Read Mountain and reviews of romance novels are featured on her website.

When not writing, reading, or reviewing books, Maida consults her husband on word selection, debates with her ten-year-old son regarding the Oxford comma, cooks the dishes she features in her stories, procrastibakes using Baileys as her secret yummy ingredient, and watches golf and food shows on TV.



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