There are Angels Amongst Us – My Book Review


Among Angels
and Devils in Juarez
Genre: Realistic Fiction / Border Stories / Mature Middle Grade
Date of Publication: November 30, 2019
Number of Pages: 145
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Araceli comes from a blended, dysfunctional family held together by the love of a grandmother. Rubí is being raised by a single mother who works as a prostitute. Both young girls are affected not only by their mothers’ choices but also by the violence and culture of Juarez, Mexico.
Can they overcome the cards they have been dealt, or are they destined to follow the same paths as their mothers?
Follow the lives of Araceli and Rubí from childhood to young adulthood and listen for children everywhere who are voiceless, trapped in their own cultures.
Proceeds benefit Love and Literacy

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There are Angels Amongst Us – My Book Review

Raise your hand if you have ever been to Mexico? Raise your hand if you have ever spent time in Juarez?

I raised my hand on both questions. No matter the passage of time I know not much has changed since my time in Juarez. We were lucky during our visit. We saw no violence and were even luckier to have the same cab driver stay with us during our entire time in Juarez. I recalled seeing the pallet houses from the El Paso side. It was clear you were seeing two different countries just mere feet apart from each other. I remember seeing nearly every house with high iron fences and iron covering their windows. I recollect that the church we drove by more than once having the same iron all the way around it including some graffiti spray painted on the church walls.

What I recall fondly were the people who were friendly and gracious. I remember eating from a street vendor, as well as what was considered a fine dining establishment. I recall the cab driver escorting me to the bathroom to keep me safe more than once. I knew I was in another country and I respected every moment of my time there. The meager pesos I gave people were followed by verbal blessings.

Many have an idea that Mexico is a ideal country. It is in many from the people to the food. But it also has tons of problems. Those difficulties of poverty and lack of education are brought to painful light in Araceli’s Path by Marion Surles. I say painful with the deepest respect. Marion shares the story of Araceli growing up in Juarez. The struggles of no warmth, lack of food, lack of good healthcare, lack of items that make life more comfortable but are hard to come by for many in Juarez. Surles shares the story of Araceli to help readers whom have never been to Juarez or Mexico understand the level of poverty for many who live in Mexico.

Abuelo is an Angel on earth for Araceli’s family. There are Angels here on earth that come and go in our lives. They show up as if driven by some unseen force to watch over us, even it is for a brief period of time. Those Angels make the biggest impacts on humanity with what they can do in that moment of time for those in need, as in the case of Abuelo being there for Araceli.

Araceli’s Path is a quick read. What I uncomfortably respected about this book is the story it tells of Araceli. If you are not a traveler then stop long enough to read this book. Travel with the words that fill these pages that will open your eyes to another country. Then stop and be thankful for what you have. Then pause for another moment and help this author’s mission, Love and Literacy by purchasing this book for your friends to take the same journey.

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Marion Surles was born in 1957 in Columbus, Mississippi. From a young age she was interested in learning Spanish, due to a special offering of Spanish at her elementary school. She received a BA and MA in Spanish and social work from Mississippi State University and teaches Spanish and English as a Second Language to all levels of students. She also serves as a volunteer missionary at home and in many Spanish-speaking countries. Most recently, she has formed a mission in Juarez, Mexico called Love and Literacy, which encourages reading and staying in school. Every two months, Marion travels to Juarez to bring books and literacy activities to a poor neighborhood, partnering with a local family to serve as the library. Her books are a fictional account of the lives of her students. Her Facebook page, Love and Literacy, gives updates of her work in Juarez.

Marion lives in Dublin, Texas with her husband, horses, and dogs. She enjoys
trail riding, kayaking, and camping, plus visiting with her daughters and
granddaughter nearby.

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