No Book is Supposed to Make You Cry – My Book Review


L.K. Simonds
Genre: Historical Fiction / Southern Fiction
Date of Publication: November 30, 2020
Number of Pages: 359 pages
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“Everything has to be reconciled eventually.”

Caddo Parish, 1913. On an October morning, a Klansman confronts seventeen-year-old David Walker at a hidden oxbow lake where he has gone to hunt. David accidentally kills the man and hides the crime. His determination to protect his family from reprisal drives him far from home and into manhood.
Shreveport, 1927. Cargie (rhymes with Margie) Barre and Mae Compton are two vastly different young women, but both are defying convention to reach for their dreams. The men in Cargie’s and Mae’s lives help and hinder them in more ways than one. After years in hiding, David Walker finally resurfaces, and we discover the past is never as far from the present as it seems.


“Simonds is a wonderfully talented author and evokes the South in astonishing detail in Stork Bite, making us feel we’re sitting in on a long, sumptuous, serial film production. But don’t think it’s mere eye candy–like the best period dramas, there’s plenty of social commentary here. Highly recommended!”

–Linore Rose Burkard, author of Regency Romance and Contemporary Suspense
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No Book is Supposed to Make You Cry – My Book Review

No book really is supposed to make you cry. Often parts of books do. Often it is the book ending that makes me cry. This novel made me cry at the beginning and at the end. Then it made me cry in the middle. The first crying spell was over the main character’s dog. The last tears were shed because a radiantly-crafted story had come to a perfect end.

Stork Bite is the second novel I have read by L.K. Simonds. This book was flawless. This novel is a multi-dimensional story of characters whose story takes readers through the 1900s to almost the present day. Each character is impeccably defined by their past and their present.

The intriguing part of this novel is how two stories are being told and how they come together towards the end of the book. At first, it was a little bit off-putting for me, but then as I read more of the story that soon became a moot point. With every page, I become more involved in the characters’ lives that were being told with such depth I started caring for them. Hence the crying.

I need to mention the book’s location. The setting of Stork Bite is in Louisiana and East Texas.  East Texas and Louisiana are embedded in my soul through my own family, so I know it quite well. Simonds perfected the settings with resplendent precision.

Stork Bite is not your typical historical fiction novel. It is a woven perfection of two stories coming together beautifully. It will take a reader along on a ride of intimacy into how our world has changed over the years.  Give Simonds’s writing a chance if you want to discover new authors. She will not disappoint.

L. K. Simonds is a Fort Worth local whose debut novel, All In, was published in 2019.

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